28 February 2013

Bathtub Finger Paints with a Toddler

I found a recipe for homemade finger paints here, but didn't have cornstarch on hand, so I used flour instead.  It worked great!

Here's the recipe I used:
2-3 teaspoons of flour
4 pumps of baby shampoo (ours is a foaming shampoo- if you have liquid, just use a small drop)
2-4 drops of food coloring
3 teaspoons of warm water

Mix all ingredients together & stir with a toothpick until it's the right consistency.  Repeat for each color.

I have trays that held baby food when she was younger.  An ice cube tray would be the next best thing, but I would probably half the recipe so that it will fit in the smaller cubes.

Hazelnut is only one, so we helped her get in to it a little bit.  We spread it around, painted her, and then put our own fingerprints on the wall of the bath tub.  Her little handprint is hard to see, but it's on the left.  I had to remember to put down the camera & just have fun!  Once I did, she saw how much fun it was & joined in.  Her little smiles & giggles make everything so much more fun!

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