25 February 2013

Why I Don't Sing with my Husband.

"Why don't you sing with your husband?"

"Why do you & your husband go to different churches?"

"Doesn't it bother you?"

My husband works at a church. He is a worship leader at one of our church's three campuses. Last year I auditioned to sing as a background vocalist & they had an opening to sing at the new campus, but not the one where my husband leads. So I started singing at the new campus & I love it! But I get a lot of questions & people look at me like I'm crazy sometimes.

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You see, when it comes to volunteering, it's not about being glamorous or hanging with your friends (or husband). It's not about convenience. It's about serving God & others. It's about being available. When we first moved here 2 years ago I said I would volunteer wherever I was needed. At first, that meant standing out in the freezing cold, collecting cans & packing them in boxes. Then the preschool department called dibs on me so I worked in various aspects there until I finally landed on leading worship for 2-4 year olds. It was fun... even if I did have to wear an orange shirt!

But after a year & a half, I finally got up the nerve to audition for background vocalist. I love singing but I had a few fears:

1) That I wouldn't make the cut.

2) That I was auditioning for the wrong reasons.
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I was scared that I just wanted to be in the spotlight. That I just wanted the attention. I love attention & am naturally an extrovert so I really had to dig deep to make sure that I was doing it for the right reasons.

After a lot of prayer, I realized that I really will volunteer anywhere so long as my daughter & family life don't suffer from the time commitment.

So once I made the band, we soon realized that there were not going to be any open spaces on the worship team my husband leads. Not only that, but there is sort of a waiting list for it & I'm 2nd on that proverbial list.

And here I am. Singing at a totally different campus from my husband. And I love it! Don't get me wrong, I'd love to sing with him, but here I'm forced to be out of my comfort zone. I'm meeting new people & enjoying the friendships. Heck, the new campus is actually much closer to our house so that makes it even easier. Did I mention that the stage is bigger, there are more seats, & everything is brand spanking new?

Everything is for a season & this is our season. I'm sure we won't be at different campuses 10 years from now. Plus, it's not like we can sit in the service together anyway, so not much is different other than the building I am in.

And... now I know, in case I had any doubts. I am still volunteering for the right reasons. I will go where I'm needed, not where is fun or where my friends are. It's not about me- its about serving God & others!

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