03 April 2012

Pockets & Prefolds Oh My!

I love talking to older generations about cloth diapers (CDs).  They get all excited to reminisce, and then their mind is totally blown when I tell them what CDs look like these days.  Say good-bye to pins and hello to snaps and velcro!  Not to mention the most adorable prints ever.  Here's a walk-through of several of our regular diapers.


Above is a basic one size (OS) pocket diaper.  It has snaps and goes on just like a disposable diaper.
Below is the same diaper, but with the snaps opened up so you can see them.  On the smallest setting (above), they fit Hazel, and on the largest setting (below), they will fit Hazel probably while she is potty training.

Diapers like this come with snaps or velcro.  Velcro is easier to put on faster, but also easier for little ones to pull off once they figure that stuff out.  It also tends to wear out faster.  Snaps take an extra second or two, but are nearly impossible for little ones to pull off.

This is also a pocket diaper.  There is a pocket that you put an insert into.  The insert is the absorbant material.  Here's the inside of a diaper:

And here's where the pocket is--- where you put the insert in. You can see the shiny backside of the color part of the diaper-- that is the waterproof part.

And there is the insert as it goes into the diaper:

Pocket diapers aren't the only kind, though...

Above are two covers.  It's just the waterproof part of the diapers, so you have to have something absorbant to go inside.  Something like this bamboo trifold insert:

Then you just put it on the baby like normal:

And finally, here are some different types of inserts that I have.  From left to right: Prefold, trifold bamboo, and microfiber.  The first two can be put directly next to the baby's skin, but never put microfiber next to the skin because it will cause irritation (learned that the hard way).  The microfiber is only used as an insert in the pocket diapers, so that there is a layer between it & the skin.

The prefold can be used by trifolding it and laying it in a cover, or you can get fancy and go old school by folding it around the little one old school style (see below).  But hey-- we still don't have to use pins!  Here is a purple snappi-- it is rubber & has prongs at each end to hold the diaper in place.  It's not nearly as hard as it looks.  Once you're done, you just put a cover on over it (like the purple one above) and you're good to go!

And just for good measure... how cute are these little diapers?!

Inside of the pink guitar diaper is hot pink!

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