06 April 2012

Reasons to Cloth Diaper.

When I was little I remember seeing diaper pins my mom had laying on the dryer.  I loved them & that memory alone has always made me want to cloth diaper.  

Funny thing is, the thought of using a diaper pin scares me to death!  Thankfully diaper pins are a thing of the past.

But there are a ton more reasons to cloth diaper.  Not in any particular order:

1) Cost savings- For disposables, it's expensive to make them, buy them, and dispose of them.

2) Health- Disposable diapers contain dioxin, TBT, and sodium polyacrylate.  Look 'em up.  They're not so awesome.

3) Environment- a disposable diaper takes roughly 500 years to decompose.  500 years.  That's about 20 generations.

My main reasons, other than just because I'd always wanted to, were cost savings & the environment.  I'd like to say that it was for Hazelnut's health... but it wasn't.  I like to save money, & I didn't know about all the health stuff until later.

What I really love is that even using cloth diapers part time makes a huge difference.  How cool is that?

Have you ever considered cloth diapering?  Do you do it now?  What are your reasons?

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