12 March 2012

The quick & cheap way to start with cloth diapers.

Yes, I'm obsessed, so get over it.  :)

I have been getting a ton of questions about cloth diapers and since I love talking about them, keep them coming!  But I thought I'd share a quick & cheap way to get started.

Buy 24 Kawaii Pure & Natural Cloth Diapers.  They began fitting Hazel around the 8lb mark and she has pretty average to skinny legs.  At full price these diapers are $6.25.  For 24 diapers, that's $150.  Shipping is free at that point.  :)

*Cloth diapers are not prone to leaking.  However, if they are leaking, it's likely because they're too big around the legs.*

You'll also want to get some diaper detergent- I use Rockin' Green.  It comes in different smells and also has special formulas for hard & soft water.  That's about $15 for 90 loads (about 17 cents a load).

One more thing-- you'll need a wetbag to keep the dirty diapers in.  I got 2 large & 1 small from PlanetWise (total cost: $47.50).  Truthfully, one large (for the house) and one small (for the diaper bag) will do (cost: $28.50).  Or you can go cheaper and get them here for $4.59 each-- but they're smaller so I'd suggest getting about 4 (3 for the house and 1 for the diaper bag- total cost $18.36).

So there you have it... getting started with cloth diapering for less than $200.  And realistically, other than buying more detergent, you'll not have to spend anything else (other than water & electricity) until you need to buy more diapers somewhere after the one year mark (since Kawaii Pure & Naturals suggest that they only last up until 15 months).  By that point, you'll know exactly what new diapers you want!

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