07 March 2012

Cloth Diaper Reviews: Kawaii

I wrote a review awhile back about the gDiapers.  Now that Hazelnut is bigger, we're using the Kawaii pocket diapers, as well as some Thirsties covers and inserts.  I'll write a review on the Thirsties later, but we've been using Kawaii for awhile now & I feel it's time to review them for you!

Kawaii diapers are cheap.  The first time I went to their website I thought it was some random mom's website where they bought diapers and resold them because it's not Kawaiidiapers.com or anything... it's www.theluvyourbaby.com .  So yeah, it seems sketch, but it's not.

They are pocket diapers.  Basically, there is the diaper with the waterproof outer part, and the inside is all nice and soft for the little baby bottom.  Between the layers is a place for the insert-- there is an opening in the front or back and you slide the insert in.  These are super easy and when you go to change the diaper, it's just like changing a disposable diaper!  Very user friendly.

Most of the diapers on their website are one size (OS) which means they snap to be larger or smaller and can be used theoretically from birth to potty training.  Realistically, they can be used from 10 lbs on.  So I got some of the Pure & Natural style which is a little bit smaller and started fitting Hazelnut around 8 lbs.

Hazelnut in a one size diaper-- a bit big now, but we use it for nighttime.
In short, I really like these diapers.  You can get them for $6.25 each.  I got them on a sale where I bought 12 for a discount.

Here's a little math for you:

$6.25 each- 24 diapers to last about 2 days = $150  (with the discount we got we spent around $120)
At 7 weeks old, Hazelnut would have gone through about 500 disposable diapers.  The cheapest deal I could find on Pampers online shows that if we got the biggest boxes each time (140 ct), and used coupons, we would have spent $100 already.

It's not hard to see how quickly it adds up.  I've saved money already in the first 2 months... and then each month after that is just straight savings!

Yes, it's more laundry.  Yes, it's more time.  But yes, it's definitely worth it!

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