03 March 2012

The longest & shortest 6 weeks of my life.

Nope, I haven't fallen off the face of the planet... I just have a newborn... that's all.

We are enjoying all the cuddles and sweetness of Hazelnut.  Our marriage was close before, and she's only brought us closer.  I love that this little thing holds so much power and she has no clue.

She's learning to self soothe.  It's wonderful.  She'll whimper a little bit and rather than run to her rescue like when she was a week or so old, I'll let her whimper around.  Usually she'll calm herself down within several seconds and all is well again.  I love that she is growing and learning!

We're about to move her to her crib.  Josh is ready for it but I'm not quite there yet.  She loves her Sasha Wrap that I carry her in.  It keeps her all snug to my chest and so her head doesn't flop around.  Best of all, it's hands free so I can do what I need to do!  It's perfect for shopping!

Yep, life is good, and I'm soaking it all in.  :)

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