26 December 2011


I'm a big fan of Googling your child's name before giving it to them.  You know, before you find out on your kids first birthday that they have the same name as a nudist colony or something.

So what comes up when you Google Hazel?  Of course a Wikipedia page about the color Hazel.  And some info on the old TV show Hazel (I watched an episode, too!).

But also?  Hazel is a pretty trendy kiddo.  There are several clothing stores named Hazel, with pretty awesome clothes!  Check them out:

  <-- Love this logo! 

You know what's awesome?  These outfits perfectly match what I imagine a clothing line named Hazel would look like.  :)

And you know... everyone needs a Hazel.  I love this!  It's a place where you can create postcards online & they'll print & mail them out for you!

It's also a restaurante in Minnesota that has a pretty cool back story.

There is also a Hazel, Kentucky-- a town with a population of 440 people over 4/10 of a square mile. Wow!  Is that the tiniest town in America, or something?  It is known for its small town charm & antique stores.  And every 1st Saturday in October, they celebrate Hazel Day.

Such a fun Google search!  I suggest doing it with your name!

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Angela said...

I want those clothes in that first picture!!!! haha

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