23 November 2011

The universe does not want me to start nesting!

I know, here I am again being a slacker.  Life has really been busy lately!  We're now at 31 weeks & I can't even believe it!

Why haven't I posted lately?  Well... this, for starters.

That is the closet in the nursery.  There are 4 closets in our house, and this closet is the size of the other 3 put together (although, really, it's about the size of a normal small bedroom closet).  At any rate, the entire shelving unit collapsed.  This is, of course, after I had worked to organize it all.  It was actually really helpful that I had because it made sorting through everything go much quicker!

In order for maintenance to replace the closet shelving, we had to take everything out of the closet.  So every piece of floor space in the nursery was covered with items except for a small strip of carpet where you could walk from the door to the closet.

Then, come Monday, we were having guests at our house!  We had no choice but to leave a few baby items out in the living room-- mainly the swing & bouncer.

And finally, today we got our stroller & car seat.  And now our living room & dining room look like this!

It's like an I Spy game for baby items!

So if you'll excuse me, I have some more cleaning to do!  And yes... I'm nesting, in case you didn't notice.  :)

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