24 November 2011

Thankful Beyond what I can even Comprehend.

Since it's Thanksgiving, I'm pretty much required to write about what I'm thankful for.  I tried to do a neat spin on it, but there's something awesome about just being truly thankful for all the boring things in life.  Except, you know, my life isn't boring and all.  ;)

Last year I was a little emotional on this day.  Everything in our house was packed up and it was the last holiday that we were certain we would see our family.  I mean, we knew that we'd see our family on future holidays, but we didn't know which ones, or how it would work out.  An 8 hour drive is much further than a 1-3 hour drive!

But still, I was thankful for the new adventure in life.  We knew that this was the final step for us.  The final move (at least for a long time), and I'm thankful that we still feel that way after a year.

I'm thankful for our amazing God.  He is incredible!  I mean, we aren't that great of people, and still... we have an absolutely ridiculous amount of blessings.

If you'd told us last year we'd be expecting a little one in January, I'm not sure we would have believed you.  Truly, we would have squealed in  excitement, but wouldn't have ever guessed it.  Don't get me wrong, she wasn't a surprise... we had planned & hoped for a little one... but truly didn't think we'd be at a point financially & emotionally to have children yet.

So last night as I stayed up until 2:30am furiously cleaning the nursery, I was thankful.  Thankful that maintenance fixed our closet so I could begin to hang items in there again.  Thankful that I had the energy to clean that much for that long.  I am not the type of person that has to have everything clean, but thankfully that nesting urge kicked in around the 6.5 month mark!  And oh-so-thankful to have my amazing husband by my side.  His nesting urge wasn't quite as much, but he stayed up with me (he's not a night owl at all!), and helped move large pieces of furniture around the house-- and put the stroller together!

Looking through archives, I found this picture.  I'd put song lyrics on it... and I think it sums up today perfectly.  "You only have on life to try to find out what it means to be alive."  That, my friends, is the key to thankfulness... knowing what it means to be alive.

What are you thankful for this year?

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