02 November 2011

I dream like a psychopath.

I've always had crazy & wildly vivid dreams.  Pregnancy has slightly stepped up their game, but overall, they were pretty psychotic to begin with.

Usually it involves ridiculous, unimaginable things being commonplace.  Like when one of my college classes was on the 42nd floor of a building that I had to use a glass elevator (on the outside of the building) to get to.  And then there were no floors below it-- it was just a classroom up in the air at the top of the elevator shaft.  I could take the stairs, but let's face it, 42 floors is a lot.  So I sucked it up, and on the first day of class, I stepped out during a 5 minute pop quiz to talk my friends into not dropping the class.  It didn't work, and I failed my pop quiz because I ran out of time.

Or the night before that when I was in the [happy] graveyard where my headstone was.  It said, "Susan K_______" and had an H below it.  The K was actually a Russian last name I can't remember.  The 'H' below it was so that people who saw the gravestone knew I spoke English & wasn't Russian.  My dad was there, combing his hair, and my pastor walked up and told him, "You know, you're a lucky son of a gun."  There was also a small ditch between my dad & pastor that, for some reason, really sticks out in my mind even though any of us could have easily walked over it.

So yes, my dreams are a little odd.

Oh, and then there was the one (well before I was pregnant) where I kept having to clean up the mess after Josh was stabbing people to death.  He'd started to do it in public & I had to finally sit down with him and have a tough conversation about how it was getting harder & harder to cover them up now that he kills them in broad daylight, and maybe we should reevaluate some decisions.  He agreed, and then he walked across a bridge over a small pond, and accidentally dropped the entire contents of his briefcase in the hole in the bridge.  There were electronics, so I was furiously trying to clean it up & dry everything out.

Do you remember your dreams?  Are they vivid?  Are they crazy, or are they just normal everyday life?  Do you have recurring patterns or dreams?

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