01 November 2011

28 & counting...

I'm now a little over 28 weeks pregnant.  I've been fighting off being sick for a week, and I have never been so tired in my entire life!  Like, you know that moment where you're soooo exhausted, but you're also kind of hyped up & it's only 6pm so you don't want to go to sleep?  And you also feel like a Mack Truck just hit you?

Yeah... that's the feeling.

I have to say, it's better than morning sickness-- definitely better than that.  But wow...

And for the stats... about 2.25 lbs, and almost 15 inches!  She has eyelashes, and can blink her eyes-- which means she sees light that filters in through the womb!  Although, it can't possibly be much since I usually have a few layers covering my tummy, and now the added coat!

I love feeling her move-- little nudges reminding me that she's there.  Believe it or not, I forget quite often that I'm pregnant.  I remember when I try to bend in a certain way, or take a deep breath.  I find myself sighing a lot more & taking deep breaths lately.  I'm not sad-- just need some extra air in my lungs!

As far as names, we're still debating our top two & going back & forth.  My parents named me from a dream one of them had, so I was kind of hoping for the same thing.  And then... I had a dream about a little baby I had & her name way... Norah.  Specifically, Norah with an 'h.'

Really odd name choice for me to dream about.   I woke up feeling a little funny, to tell you the truth.  I really kind of thought if I had a dream, that would be the end of the name quest.  But Norah?  Norah is not something I would normally choose.  But was I supposed to now use that name? When I first mentioned it to Josh, he immediately said, "Like Norah Jones?"  I hadn't thought of it... but yes.  Spelled just like that.

Why does Norah strike me as sooo odd?  When we were little, we had a black & white short haired cat named Kitty.  My sister was up in the woods playing one day & found a long haired black & white cat. Other than the colors, these cats looked nothing alike.  I mean, one had this silky slick short coat, and the other had this wildly long, dull hair.  So my sister, thinking it was our cat, brought it home, and named it Nora.  Without an 'h.'  I remember thinking, "What kind of name is that?  And why would a kid her age choose to name a cat Nora of all things?  Why not Jingles or something?"

So that's my experience with the name Nora/h.  But strangely, when I woke up, I started to love the name.  It means "light."  That loving feeling has since worn off, and I don't think we'll be naming our little girl Norah, but it was interesting to entertain for a bit!

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Sarah said...

I love Nora/h. That newborn I photographed was Nora.

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