04 November 2011

Fascinating Friday: the 13th

Okay, so it's not Friday the 13th today, but that doesn't make this any less fascinating.

I was born on Friday the 13th.

My maternal grandfather's lucky number was 13 & it kept popping up throughout his life (much like it has in mine).

I met Josh on April 13, 2004 (Can't choose when you meet someone!).

2 of my brothers have this tattoo!  I like to think it's
because they love me so much... & not because they love
the tattoo artist that much.
Josh proposed on June 13, 2005 (okay, so it was planned, and it was on my birthday).

Josh & I got married on May 13, 2006.  We'd planned & hoped for May 6th- our official 2 year anniversary- but I had my last exam for school on May 5th, so we decided to push it back a week.  And then we realized it would land on the 13th, so we knew it was perfect that way!

We always said we'd wait about 7 or 8 years to have kids... well, that leaves us at the year 2013.  Looked perfect to me.  Honestly, when we decided to try starting a family earlier this year, I pretty much fully expected that we wouldn't get pregnant until we'd have a due date in 2013.  So I was a little shocked when everything happened so quickly.

But yesterday?  Yesterday I think I figured out why.

January 13, 2012 is... you guessed it!  On a Friday.  Friday the 13th.

10 days before my due date.

I mean, how can she not come on the 13th?

I mentioned it to my brother on Facebook, and my cousin chimed in reminding my that January 13 is also my (paternal) grandfather's birthday.

So I've kind of decided that this baby is definitely going to be born on January 13th.

Truthfully, I've only felt so sure of one other thing in my life (other than God), and that's when I knew I was going to marry Josh.  It was the beginning of July 2004 and he'd made a CD for me with 2 songs on it.  Right as the 2nd song came on, I was driving through a church parking lot & I hit my brakes & thought, "God, I'm going to marry this guy, aren't I?"  It was such a big & scary thought, especially since I was 18 and had just met him 2.5 months earlier.  But somehow, in an unexplainable way, I just knew.  I'm not even sure that I was in love with him yet... but I just knew that we'd get married.

So I could very well be wrong...  this baby could be so overdue she's born in February... but don't think I won't be trying every labor-inducing suggestion on the afternoon of Thursday the 12th!

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Angela said...

I will confess...when I saw the title of your post I had to check the calendar to see if it was Friday the 13th. Hahaha. Definitely only the 4th. Duh, Angela!!

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