08 November 2011

29 weeks. A somber look back, and pictures!!

I've thought a lot about this particular week.  Two and a half years ago, I was in Brunswick, GA & got a call from my mom.  It was the end of a business trip & Josh and I were about to head to my parents house in NC to pick up our doggies & take them back to Atlanta, where we lived.

My mom was calling to tell me that my oldest brother's twins were born.  It confused me at first... they weren't due until the end of September, and last I'd checked, it was the beginning of July.  Sure enough, they were 11 weeks early.

If that means nothing to you, I'll give you an overview.  A pregnancy is typically 40 weeks.  So that's not even 3/4 way through the pregnancy-- she had nearly 3 months left to go!  That's a whole different season!!

I wrote about that weekend here.

Looking back over those pictures, it's hard to imagine that one of those is in my belly right now!  It amazed me how normal Sunaura looked... until you put your hand next to her... and realized she was tiny!  She was such a fighter, too.  The first time I saw her in the NICU, she had pulled the tube out of her nose.  The nurse walked by & stopped to put it back, saying, "She keeps pulling her oxygen off of her nose!"

And look at her now...

Goodness, I love that kid!

My baby should be right around 2.5 lbs & about 15 inches long now.  She's soaking up a lot of calcium & other nutrients from my body these days, too, which explains why I've been downing milk like it's going out of style!  Seriously, I used to hardly drink milk at all... and now?  Well, yesterday I just bought two gallons at the store because I'm sick of running out of milk before the week is up.

I love how things like that work.  I researched a lot when I first got pregnant about what to eat, what not to eat, etc.  And the conclusion I kind of came to was that listening to your body is a pretty powerful thing!  And so that's mostly what I've done.  I don't count every calorie.  I find myself wanting salads sometimes, and milk at other times.  It also helped me power through morning sickness.  And when it came to prenatal vitamins, I haven't taken them religiously because, well... there's no use in taking them if I'm just going to vomit them back up!  So I take them when I know my body is strong enough to handle them.  And when I'm not?  Well, I better try to eat super nutrient rich foods!

Okay, enough rambling for today... here's a picture from our maternity session this weekend by this lovely lady!  I'm in love with how she perfectly captured our family!

And yes... my hair is darker now... I'm loving it!

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