09 November 2011

Missing Dog? Not quite.

Sometimes I question our ability to raise a child.

Last night I locked my dog in the bathroom, then wandered the neighborhood in the dark looking for him because I thought he was lost.  We'd left the door open for a few minutes to air out the apartment & then couldn't find him.  I notified all my neighbors & the apartment complex & even went so far as to put a Missing Dog post on Facebook before I found him.

I'm still not sure how long he was in the bathroom for... maybe an hour?  He never barked or whined... even when I was calling his name.

Then Josh & I were both doing work on our laptops for about an hour.  When I finally looked up, the house looked kind of smoky.  Sure enough... there was a candle on the bar in our kitchen & it was burning the piece of wall overhang that was about 18 inches above it!  It wasn't an actual fire, just a smoke stain on my white wall...  I think the magic eraser will take care of it.

But really?  We're both functioning adults... yet we can't manage simple tasks...  a baby may just do us in!

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