19 October 2011

The President Comes to Visit!

After moving away from my hometown 3 years ago, I've learned that:

A) It's a very small town
B) I grew up on a farm

I truly didn't know either of these until others told me, and I began comparing things.  I assumed that since my town had 10+ stop lights, then it wasn't a small town at all.  I also assumed that since my parents didn't name 'our farm' and we didn't make money off of it, then it wasn't a farm.  Turns out, when you say your parents have goats, donkeys, a pig, a garden, and 3 small barns, people say, "Yes, Susan, that's a farm."

Anywho... in our small town we have a store called Mast General Store.  It's set up like an old General Store, and there are several of them in the mountains of North Carolina.

And well, who should visit the other day than the President of the US... Barack Obama.

No really... he's picking up some candy at the general store.  Not the one in my hometown, but not too far away.

So I'm dying to know the reactions of my friends & family back home.  President Obama has visited this area once or twice before... it's apparently one of his favorite areas.  I know why-- it's a pretty awesome area!  And what better time to visit it than in October when the leaves are falling?

And I have to admit... fan or not, if I saw the President getting some candy, I'd be gawking like all these other people!

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