18 October 2011

26 weeks & more pictures.

26 weeks... 6 months... and my third trimester!


I find myself putting things off now.  As if they'll just go away if I don't pay attention to them.  Decorate the nursery?  Nah...  Put together the stroller?  Not yet...  Birthing classes at the hospital?  Sure... I'll get right on that.

Some of these aren't a huge deal yet... but some I really need to get on top of.  Like... I should probably choose which hospital I'm going to.  :)  We lived smack dab between 2 hospitals who each have their merits, and our doctors deliver at both of them.  When it comes down to it, we don't have a strong opinion about either, but we are leaning in one direction.

And we did get the car seat out of the box... but after a few minutes of staring at it in the living room, we put it right back in the box!

Yes, a teensy bit of denial.  Also a bit overwhelmed because we got so many awesome things at our showers a few weeks ago.  It's hard to know where to start!

At any rate, she's now about 1 pound 13 ounces, and 14 inches long.  And her little ears are picking up a lot of sounds now!  I was thinking about that at church the other day.  It's so cool that in the womb, she gets to hear her daddy sing such amazing songs!  Not to mention it was a totally rockin' worship set-- I wonder what she was thinking?  Does she really think yet? Who knows, but she does hear it.

I do have some pictures of cute baby stuff we've gotten lately.  I can't possibly post it all, and I'm way to lazy right now to upload pictures from my camera, so pictures from my Mac will have to do.  :)

Since we decided to do the nursery in a music theme, we've gotten several music-related items!  These onesies are both from my mom-- the white one is handmade at a store in her town-- it's material sewn on-- sooo cute!  The red one has a black skirt & red tights to go with it.


I'm a part of a message board with some wonderful ladies who are all due in January.  Many of us signed up to exchange onesies in the mail before the babies were born, and I got mine in the mail today!  The woman who drew my name made this adorable (& very durable) burp cloth as well as the onesie (like the guitar onesie, it's material sewn onto the onesie).


Yeah... it doesn't get much cuter than that!

Then today I was shopping at Baby Gap because, you know... they had a sale.  I'm trying not to buy many clothes because we have so many already, but most of them are onesies, so when I saw this cute dress for $8, I couldn't resist! It has a diaper cover to match.

And... we can't forget shoes!  Despite my slight shoe fetish, I have not bought any for our little miss yet.  So when these were on sale for $3.50, I really couldn't say no!

Whew, and trust me, this is just the very tip of the iceberg on all the cute things our little girl has!

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