20 October 2011

Aspect Ratio & a Personal Vendetta.

All the time I want to make something like this, but on different subjects-- a quick and easy explanation of something.  It's usually photography related, and I usually don't have time.  But this week I made time to make just one.

When I show clients proofs, I show them a 4x6 proof.  90% of the time, there is enough room around the edges of an image to allow for cropping to different sizes.  But sometimes I snap a shot so quick, I either forget about it, or I'm far more concerned with catching the moment in action (usually with kids!).

In the 2:3 ratio image above, you can see that there is plenty of room on the sides-- that's on purpose, and quite handy.  Let's say this sweet little family wants to print an 8x10 of this image?  Well, those sides are going to be cropped right off... and you'll be left with the image on the right.  In this scenario it's not big deal because I left plenty of room in the image.

If you want to know my honest opinion, though, I hate 8x10 prints. I don't find them useful at all.  I wouldn't want to put anything smaller than an 11x14 on a wall, and 8x10 is usually too big for a desk.  So maybe to take up an entire scrapbook page?  Again, I'd rather use a 5x7 and frame it up nicely on the page instead.  So for most scenarios, I'd like to rip an 8x10 from someone's hands and tear it into tiny pieces.

But to each their own.  :)  I sell 8x10 prints because, well... not everyone has a vendetta against them, and I like to make people happy!  Also, I'm pretty certain I've sold at least one 8x10 to every one of my clients.  Sooo... clearly people are finding uses for them!

1 comment:

Maggie said...

I request more of these posts with little tips and stuff about photography. Super helpful!

And I feel the same way about 8x10's - so weird to have a big one sitting on a desk!

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