17 October 2011

Me? Absent? What?!

So yes, I admit, I was quite absent from this little blog last week.  After a year an a half of 5+ posts a week, I totally slacked off.  I can explain:

2 weeks ago I was on vacation.  Like a good little blogger, I had posts prepped & ready to go!
Then I got back from vacation & totally lost my mind catching up on all the work I had to do.
Oh, and that sweet little baby growing inside my tummy?  She has totally sucked me dry from what was left of my brain.  It's really a miracle I can type right now.

Truthfully, this week isn't any better.  I just sat down and wrote out my 'To Do' list for this week, broken into 3 columns: Business #1; Business #2; Personal.  Personal is by far the shortest one...  and each item in each column is a task that will take 15 minutes minimum.

What I'm trying to say is, I have a crazy week coming up!

But you know what?  I thrive off of crazy weeks.

This past weekend I did 5 photography sessions, 1 wedding, a proofing session, and a wedding consultation.

But I'm loving it.  Every single minute!  Work is busy busy busy, and personal is pretty much a whirlwind.  But I feel productive... a little bit like my old life before I moved to Virginia.  Apparently I need to work 50+ hours a week in order to feel productive.  And growing a baby doesn't count.

Okay, I'm done rambling... see you a lot more this week!

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