14 October 2011

How to put 300,000 miles on a car.

Last year I made a bucket list.  I've learned though, that there are some things that you don't even realize are on your bucket list, until you've done them.  Like, driving through a bridge-tunnel.  For some, that's no big deal.  For me, that's a huge, scary deal!  But I did it!  And now I can't even count how many times I've done it... even beside a tractor trailer!

Yesterday marked another milestone that I didn't really want to admit how bad I wanted to reach it.  It's one of those that is somewhat in my control, but also somewhat out of my control.

My car hit 300,000 miles.  

No, really.

How do you do that?

1) Buy either a Nissan, Toyota, or Honda (this happens to be a 1997 Nissan Sentra).
2) Give it to a teenager who dates a guy in the next town.
3) Now have that teenager go to college 30 minutes in the opposite direction from said guy, making the trip twice as long.
4) Have that same teenager move back to her hometown, but still go to college 30 minutes away.
5) Have the now 20-something move to Atlanta & get a job in sales where she drives her car all day long.
6) Then have the husband wreck his car, sell it, and make the Nissan their 'family car.'
7) Give husband the same job.

So yes, I've had the car since I was 16.  My dad bought it for me in the fall of 2002 & it has 73,000 miles on it.  It's a straight drive, and it has only been in one wreck.  It was pouring rain, and despite going about 25mph, I still hydroplaned into a ditch.  A few years later my dad backed his truck into the side of it as well.

We've replace the basics on it, and bigger things as it hit 150K & 250K miles, but overall, we haven't replaced anything unexpected.  Biggest repair was $1200 for the clutch.  Ouch... but really... it was around 200K miles at that point, and it should have only lasted 120K.

Why do we still have the car?  Well, why not?  Honestly, if we had anything else, it'd be beyond our means.  We saved up and came across a great fabulous deal for our 2nd car.  And now we're saving for a car to replace this one when it breaks down beyond reasonable repair.  Honestly, I feel like that may be right around the corner... but I've said that before... many times... a couple hundred thousand miles ago!

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