11 October 2011

25 weeks & more pictures!

13.5 inches long
1.5 lbs
And she's starting to fatten up a little!

Our little girl continues to grow, and so does the amount of stuff we have for her!  We had baby showers in our hometowns this past weekend and well... it was quite a miracle that we were able to get everything back in the car with us!  There were a few things that we had to return & re-purchase the same thing once we got back home-- there just wasn't room in the car!

We are totally blown away with all the friends & family that came out to celebrate with us!  And the gifts-- my oh my-- I am rarely speechless, but I was at these showers.  Let's just say that this little girl is far more loved that we could have even imagined!  I have never seen so many beautiful handmade quilts & blankets, and so many truly thoughtful gifts.  Here are two of my favorite pictures from our showers:

Lori (in pink) & me: both having girls, and she's due 6 weeks before me.  She reminded me of a conversation we had last year-- she had said they wanted to start having kids somewhat soon, and I had said we wanted to wait for quite awhile!  My oh my how things change!  It made me realize how Josh & my perspectives have changed over the past 2 years.  Sure, we've always wanted kids, we just didn't think we'd be ready for them so soon!  That all seems like such a distant memory now, and now we can't wait for her to get here!

And here is at my shower in my hometown... with all the pregnant ladies!  We're in order of how far along we are... 10 weeks to 39.5 weeks!  My cousin (orange shirt) is due on Friday!  She's going to be cloth diapering as well, so I'll get the scoop on newborn diapers from her!  Also, all 4 of us on the right are related!  This is all our first babies, except for Christy (purple shirt)... it's her second.

L to R: Krissy (close family friend), my sister Angel, sister-in-law Christy, me, 1st cousin Ella.

So yes, quite the exciting weekend, and I'm totally exhausted today!  But I'm glad we got to go visit our families!

One last picture... of the gorgeous mountain I grew up on.  This is the driveway to my parents house!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! How awesome. Cute photos.

Mama Monkey said...

Ahh! Those first babies...it brings back so many sweet memories from when I was pregnant with our first! I LOVE being pregnant (we just had our 3rd about 6 weeks ago), so I will definitely be back to see how your pregnancy progesses :) You look beautiful! Enjoy every second of this special time in your life...pregnancy slips away much too quickly!

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