07 October 2011

Fascinating Friday 2.0

There is really no telling where this picture originated from, or whether it's real or artwork.  But who cares?  It's fascinating!

On a completely unrelated note, I also find this terribly fascinating.

Yes, it's circulated around Facebook and emails for years now.  According to Snopes.com, it is an actual surgery from 1999.  The woman was 21 weeks pregnant and the baby, Samuel, had spina bifida, which was why they performed surgery while still in the womb.  The baby & mother were both under anesthesia, so the baby wasn't moving around, or actually 'grasping the doctors hand' as stories suggest-- but isn't it just amazing?

I'm nearly 25 weeks pregnant now.  Sometimes it feels like I'm not even pregnant... hard to connect with the little one inside of me.  But seeing this... it just makes it all so much more real!  My baby has tiny hands like that!  Except, to me, those don't look tiny-- those things are punching around inside my tummy!

So yes, Fascinating Friday.  Totally fascinating.  :)  I hope you enjoyed!

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