06 October 2011

The Craziest Frickin' Day of your Life!

Back in... February? January Josh sent me an email that he was running this race called the Warrior Dash in October.  Mmmmkay... I looked it up online and wow-- it was certainly crazy looking, but it was also only 3 miles, so my logic said, in the next 9 months, I can manage to get fit enough to run 3 miles & hit a couple of obstacles.  Worst case scenario, you can walk around (most of) the obstacles.

So I signed up, too.

Then a couple of months later we decided, what the hay, let's have kids!

So that kind of disqualified me from the race (although they don't ban pregnant women, just have you sign something saying you did, or should have, gotten clearance from your doctor beforehand).

In the end, quite a few people from Josh's office signed up for the race.  Here's the before picture:

We even came prepared with our own church tattoos!

What?  Your church doesn't have temporary tattoos of it's logo?  And if you did, you wouldn't put them randomly on your legs?  And you also wouldn't be running in this crazy race?  Well don't look at me, I didn't run, and I didn't put on a tattoo... lol.

And here's the after picture.  Don't worry, the people that are missing weren't actually missing- they were just washing all that mud off of them!

But for real, it was quite the fun race.  Heck, I had fun just watching them!  It turned out to be a 3.5 mile race with 12 obstacles... and a lot of interesting characters!

I was excited to see my husband be the first from the group to hit the finish line!  Okay, so maybe he left the rest of the pack behind because they were running together-- he still made great time!  Below, he's at the top of the ropes in the black shirt.

And jumping over fire...

Yes, there were two lines of fire!

Oh, and that whole crawling-through-a-mud-pit-under-barbed-wire thing there at the end.  Which, I suppose is kind of nice if you manage to catch yourself on fire from the last obstacle.

 Overall, it was a fun day!  And I even made a special shirt for the occasion:

I got quite a few comments on the shirt-- everyone loved it!

At the end of the race, you could donate your old shoes & they recycle them for affordable footwear for people in need around the world.  Kinda cool, especially since most racers wore the oldest dirtiest pair of shoes they had anyway!

One final picture-- I snapped it on my way out, but truthfully, all I wanted to do was see what this dude looked like at the end of the race!  Also, I wanted to ask him logistical questions like, "Did you paint your body green before or after you got here?"  "If before, is your car seat totally green?"

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