26 October 2011

Barbie gets Tatted Up!

Barbie's got some tattoos these days & everyone has an opinion.  I figure I'm on quite a roll with the opinion posts lately, so why not go for it?

I think the tattoos are the most realistic thing about Barbie.  And I'd much rather my little girl aspire to get one of the big honkin' ugly tattoos that this Barbie has across her entire back than to try to imitate anything else on Barbie.

Why?  Because if she chooses to get a big ugly tattoo, it's a lot less dangerous than her developing an eating disorder or getting plastic surgery.

And while we're at it, I'd even rather her dye her hair pink & wear those leopard print leggings & dress her dog up as a cactus.

In reading up on this new Barbie & everyone's opinions, my thoughts were confirmed:

One blogger describes Barbie as "the pretty girl I've always wanted to aspire to be... simply because she always got her man."


Before it's asked, no, I don't want my daughter to get a tattoo of a tiger up the side of her neck.  I can't stand large tattoos, especially on women.

But I do maintain that if it came between that & having an eating disorder or a drug problem or getting plastic surgery, sure...

And I say that from experience... not my own, as I don't have any tattoos... but I've seen people I love go through really rough times in life & get tattoos as a way of coping with it.  Is it classy?  Not really.  But is it worlds better than turning to drugs or alcohol or something even worse?  Absolutely.

I guess my point is, there are a million things wrong with Barbie... her obnoxious new tattoos being the least of them.


Erin Sansotta said...

Preach it sister!!

Nate & Danielle said...

I hated Barbies growing up because they were so boring..now THIS is a Barbie I would have loved!!!!

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