27 October 2011

On Being a Britney Fan.

What is it about Britney Spears that makes me want to pull for her no matter what?

She was the pop princess for my generation.  In 8th grade, she was the bomb y'all.  By the end of 8th grade I was cutting my hair in long layers like hers.  Unfortunately, I was a greasy 8th grader without stylists to follow me around, so I ended up cutting my losses (literally-- cutting my hair to chin length) and realizing that I was not a pop princess myself.  It was a tough break.

Then she came out with an edgier video (for the time) like 'Crazy.'  After all, her fan base was growing older-- we were at least 3 months older by this point-- and we needed something to reflect our more grown-up lives.

Then there was the time when it was no longer cool to be a Britney fan.  This was the same time it wasn't cool to be a N*Sync or Backstreet Boys fan... and don't even get me started on Hanson.  just. not. cool.

But finally, thankfully, Britney has come full circle.  She went off the deep end, and then swam back to the shallow end.  I only caught about 20 seconds of the VMA's this year, but it happened to be the 20 seconds that Britney won & started her acceptance speech for Best Pop Video.  I wanted to cry, I was so happy for her!

I mean, really, she's come a long way over the past 12 years, and has done a ton of growing up-- all while the whole US... and sometimes world... were watching.  She's certainly not perfect, but she'll always hold a special spot in my heart.


Maggie said...

Love this because I LOVE Britney. I remember when it got "uncool" to like her and all the boy bands - thankfully, for people around me, it only lasted about two or three years and I was able to enjoy them again ;)

Angela said...

Seriously, I've jammed to Britney since 1998. No shame! haha. I'm so happy for her, too..she's come a long way!

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