25 October 2011

27 weeks?!

Somewhere around week 17, I lost track of how far along I am.  Since then, I ask Josh every week, or look it up in the app on my phone.

This week I thought I was probably somewhere around 25... so I almost peed my pants when Josh said 27!  Okay, so maybe that had more to do with where the baby is laying than how far along I am...

At any rate... 27 weeks.  2 pounds.  14.5 inches.  Her brain is very active now, and her lungs are still way immature, but could function with the use of medical intervention.

That makes me smile.  :)  My baby is getting ever closer to being ready to make her appearance!  Yikes!

We worked on the nursery more this week & got many items put away.  We have a lot of clothes.  An entire dresser full right now!  Especially onesies.  I'm amazed at how much there is!

Other than that, everything is pretty much the same.  Our dogs have been on their very best behavior, which gives me a sigh or relief.  A few months ago they were doing doggie things that they shouldn't have been doing & it scared me.  I mean... it was hard enough to take care of the situations while pregnant & all I could think of was, "I can't do this with a newborn!"  But they've really calmed down & become my little buddies again & I'm so thankful!

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