19 September 2011

Schick Intuition

Every now and then I use a product that really makes me go, "Wow!"  It rarely happens, especially with all the commercials these days where companies promise you the world if you would just use their product.

Schick Intuition is a totally awesome product though.  It's a razor that already has the shaving cream with it.  You don't have to put the shaving cream on... it's on a solid stick that turns to... umm.... a non-solid... after it hits the water.  And it's so smooth that you can't even feel the razor.  I had to check to make sure it was actually making contact with my skin!

I don't know, but all I have to say is, pregnant lady shaving is possible thanks to this handy little product!

Schick sends me some sort of razor in the mail every year saying "Happy Birthday."  It's kind of confusing, but who am I to turn down a free razor?  I'd forgotten about it for, oh, 3 months, and found it the other day.  After using it, I was pretty confident that it was going to be a more expensive product.    While it's totally awesome, I doubt it would last more than 2 shaves... if that.  It looks like it's around $8-$9 at Wal-Mart, with a 6 count of refills being almost $19.  That's about $4 for the first 2 shaves, and $1.60 per shave after that.

So yes, definitely more expensive than the average razor (at least for me), but it does include the shaving cream.  All I have to say is, if you're pregnant and the thought of juggling a razor and shaving cream in the shower is just a bit too much to handle... this product was made for you!  :)

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Anonymous said...

I used to use this. Not a bad idea.

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