20 September 2011

The Name Game @ 22 weeks.

22 weeks... it would figure that the fun part of pregnancy flies by quickly!  I am enjoying every second of it-- especially now that I'm starting to show a bit more!  I grabbed the camera & made my adoring & sweet husband take pictures to commemorate it the other day.  Right now, she's about 11 inches long and weighs almost a pound.  Funny... I think I've gained a little more than a pound.

Naming our little one has proven to be a difficult decision.  Names are a very big deal to both of us.  Heck, I have a tag here on my blog dedicated just to names.  It sets the stage for our child's entire life, and I want to give her a good name.

We've gone through several names that we liked, but now aren't so sure about.

Katelynn Julianne.  ...  I love the name.  Lynn is my mother in law's middle name.  Anne is my mom's middle name.  But when it came down to it, I wasn't naming my baby that.  It's a perfectly good name, but just not my kid's name.  No good reason, it's just not.

Adelaide.  ...  I love this name, but I don't have a strong reason why.  For me, I have to have a reason to name my baby a certain name.  It has to have some sort of meaning to me, and this just doesn't cut it in my mind.

Then Josh started singing 'Adalida' by George Strait.  Somehow I made it through life without hearing this song so far.  I'm a little sad about it, too, because I like the song!  But no, as much as I love the song, I've never heard of a person actually named Adalida, and spelling would be a nightmare for the poor little thing.  But here's the song in case you're wondering about it's awesomeness.

We've learned that every name has a downside to it, whether it's the spelling, how common it is (or isn't), or how easy it is to be made fun of.  Our biggest problem is that many of our very favorite names are also names of other family members.  At first I thought it was weird, but the more I get into the naming process, the more I realize that I just can't help it if our families have great names!  This naming thing is hard, and that's one of the things that I'm just going to have to overlook in the process.

That being said... we have decided on a middle name.  After several weeks, we have kept to it, so I'm pretty confident that we'll stick with it.  I will throw this disclaimer out, though... we are two individuals who don't mind to change something at the last minute... after she's born, there's no telling what her name will be!

But without further ado... we've chosen the middle name of Catherine!


Anonymous said...

I love the middle name Catherine. What about Sophia Catherine or Grace Catherine or maybe even Ruby Catherine?

amyg2285 said...

Adelaide will turn into something about Koolaid. I love Katelynn Julianne, especially because it encorporates both of her grandmothers names. That could be a special thing for her one day, when all she has are their memories. My boyfriends youngest daughter's name is Kate, short for Katherine, middle name Dianne. I don't think I'll ever have any children of my own, but I did have 2 girl names picked out at one point when I thought I would. Kenadie Hope and Adysen Faith. I love them, but I won't be using them. :)

Lacey from The Southern Mommy Chronicles said...

I love you for putting my next husband's song on the blog ;) but that's the only thing I can think of when I hear the name Adelaide as well!

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