16 September 2011

The end of an era.

When we first moved to Virginia we learned that some of our neighbors get milk delivered weekly to their house.  How cool is that?  They had a milkman!

I'm not a huge milk drinker, but Josh was all about it, so we tried it out for a little while.  I admit, it was fun to have milk delivered in glass half-gallon bottles to our front door every week.

And the milk was good.  It was tasty.

The night before the milkman arrived, we made sure to have our glass bottles rinsed out and back in the cooler to be reused.  Love that part.

And this was all that was thrown away from each half gallon of milk.  Just the lid!

But for now, we'll have to say goodbye to this wonderful milk.  It's tasty, but we're looking to save money and this is one big way to save.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to have my last glass of this milk!

1 comment:

Rob said...

I wish that Mtn. Dew delivered like that. That'd be amazing!

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