21 September 2011

Don't do junk like that to a pregnant woman!

Last week my husband sent me an email.  It went something like this:

[Insert one of my favorite pastors] just confessed to a 3 year affair. Wow. I'm just kidding. I needed to do something to get your attention though. Please watch this video. It's stars [same pastor], and it's amazing, and you will love it. 

I edited out the pastor's name so a google search doesn't start a rumor.

Let me just tell you.  In the first line of that email, my heart sank.  I wanted to throw my computer against the wall and cry.  Thankfully I'm the type of person that reads all the details before outwardly reacting.  

So once I read all the details, I reacted.  I drafted up a snappy response, which included this... times 10.

Don't do junk like that to a pregnant woman.

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