04 August 2011

You know you're a Catamount when...

The other day I found a hilarious Facebook group titled "You know your a Catamount at WCU..."

It's really unfortunate that the person used the wrong 'your,' but aside from that blaring issue, I really enjoyed reading the posts!  Even though I didn't participate in a lot of the campus activities, there were many things about college that I just couldn't avoid.  Here are some of my favorites:

-"When an umbrella is more harmful than helpful in the pouring rain."  ---- ho. ly. cow.  Not even kidding... it rained, or at least sprinkled, every single class day my freshman year.  Monday - Friday.  Not even missing one.  Even if it was just a few sprinkles, it was guaranteed to rain a bit.  One group made t-shirts that said:
  Get it?  WCU... we carry umbrellas.  Those shirts sold like hotcakes!  So did umbrellas & rain boots.  And the harmful aspect of it was that any substantial rain meant substantial winds, so not only did the umbrella not help unless it was turned sideways, but it usually blew inside out almost instantly & sent you toppling over into the street with its force.  Quite exciting, I tell ya!

-"When quarters are like gold because there are no change machines in the laundry rooms."  ---- no seriously-- no change machines anywhere on campus, so we had to go to the bank, which, if you were lucky, had a branch in the next town over.

-"When move-in day at Wal-Mart is like Christmas at the mall." --- Wal-Mart was in the next town over & was pretty much the only place to go for move-in stuff.  No matter how prepared you were, you'd always end up at that Wal-Mart on move-in day.  I was lucky & always moved a week early due to color guard or being an RA... but it was still craziness!

Walker- I lived on the 8th floor freshman year
-"When you have practice fire drills your Freshman year and every time there are at least 3 people standing in nothing but a towel."  ---- ummm... one of my best friends was one of those!  But to be fair, in high school they would always tell you it was a fire drill- this is the first time in life the alarms just go off.

-"When you have to stay an extra semester because you didn't go to class your first semester."  -- This wasn't me, but this was roughly 90% of the student population.  People take their sweet time to graduate there.  I do think part of it, though, is that music is a very popular major, and it's nearly impossible to graduate in 4 years because many of the classes are 1 credit hour, but take up 8+ hours a week.

- And finally, to sum up about 15 of the posts-- the CatTran-- it was the bus system around the school.  Not that the campus was big, but you may or may not have to scale a mountain in order to get to class.  However, those buses were never where you needed them.  Instead of hitting a stop every 15 minutes, they'd be back to back & you wouldn't see another one for 45 minutes.  And riding up the mountain on one was a great time for prayer-- that the whole bus wouldn't fly off the mountain as it's careening around steep curves!  I found a hilarious post about the FatTran CatTran & the weather in Cullowhee here.  I have no idea who this blogger is, but that particular post is hilarious!

Altogether now.... na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na- CAT-TRAN! (sung to the Batman tune)

What was a fun quirk of your college campus?

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