03 August 2011

It starts with me. It starts with you.

In blog related emails, the number one thing people want to talk about is money.  How did we get out of debt?  What did we do?

Most everyone I know desires to be out of debt.  They know it's a positive way to live & really want that.  However, it's also a fight against society.  The world around us is constantly showing us their shiny new cars, their beautiful house, their weekend dinners at a nice steakhouse.  And it doesn't have to be all fancy stuff.  Money is most easily lost in the little things... new DVDs, clothes, fast food... very normal things to buy.  Heck-- you need clothes to wear on your body!

However, each day honestly gets scarier.  I have to admit I don't watch the news that much, but the pieces I've caught here & there are pretty scary.  If you want a visualization of how our country is spending money, just check this out.  It's scary.  Did I mention scary?

The emails I get? I take time to answer each & every one of them.  It's important to me because I know how much I benefited from others answering my questions-- from people encouraging me when being debt free really just felt impossible.  And when making big decisions, Josh and I still go to those people.

And it also starts with you!  You can be debt free & change your lifestyle as well.  It's not crazy talk & it's definitely not a quick fix.  And there's a website just for you.

If the country is going to change, the people have to change.  So let's start now!

I have to admit I've been really, really slack on posting about money these past few months.  And when I did a poll awhile back?  Nearly everyone said they wanted to hear more about money.  So I'm going to start that back up.  :)  Because I love y'all!

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Rob said...

Dave Ramsey needs to get voted in to help our country out. It's ugly!

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