05 August 2011

It's Friday, Friday... TGIF

It's Friday!  Or, as we like to call it in the Fowler household-- the weekend!  Josh has off Fridays & Saturdays since he works all day on Sundays. Let me just say that it is a glorious schedule!  We've always been super involved in church so it was a given that we'd be there all day on Sunday anyway.  But now?  We have a weekend again!

But back to Friday.  Friday.  Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend.

Is it stuck in your head yet?

If not, then watch this.  That should do the trick.

But no!  Don't leave!  Then you'll miss this (actually) awesome video.

Have you seen Katy Perry's video for TGIF?  Because it's awesome, and if you are older than me, than you'll enjoy it even more than I do.  Hint: it's set up as an 80s movie, and has great cameos in it!

Love this video.  Katy Perry's talent is just amazing.  Not to mention where else are you going to find the following people all in one video?

Darren Criss (Glee)
Rebecca Black (see link above)
Kevin McHale (Glee)
Hanson (wow-- these guys are still around?  I wanted to marry all of them about 14 years ago.  Mmbop!)
Kenny G.
Corey Feldman
Debbie Gibson

Hope you enjoy-- and hope your Friday night isn't quite like theirs!

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