17 August 2011

World's Largest Banjo Case!

I know, sooo appealing, right?  You've just been dying to see the world's largest banjo case & ladies & gents, here you go!

What that?  You think this is a coffin?  Why would one think that?  Clearly it is a banjo case.  Click here for more info on what a banjo case looks like.

Now see?  Clearly, this is a banjo case.

And just in case you haven't had your coffee yet today, I'm totally kidding.  Go look at the link, it totally explains it.

So anywho, I wish I had a video of the people around us when we were taking this picture the other day. We were at a tourist spot- Colonial Williamsburg- and it caught my eye.  I said, "Daddy, you've got to get your picture made next to the world's largest banjo case!"

The people near us looked at us like we had completely lost our minds.  No one dared tell us that it was a coffin.  Perhaps this is why my family gets called a 'cult' at times?  Or maybe it's because when we're together, we totally lose touch with the outside world.  :)  Fun times, fun times!

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Rob said...

I enjoyed meeting your family the other day. They are great!

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