16 August 2011

It's a Gril!

Yup, we have a gril on our hands.  If you know what website that is very popular on, then you are my new best friend.

17 weeks & it's a girl!  Her little skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and she's roughly the size of an onion.  Another place says she's about 5 inches long... so maybe that 5 inches is including legs and the onion is just including crown to rump measurement?  Or maybe I just haven't cooked with onions in awhile.  Who knows, but she's growing, and that's good!

At the ultrasound the other day the lady said she is pretty squished in there-- in other words, my bump is about to grow!  And boy has it... I started really showing this weekend, which is a nice change of pace from just looking kind of chunky!

Here are some pictures from our ultrasound!  I know some people find them creepy, but really, what do you expect them to look like?  A newborn?  It's an image inside the womb, 23 weeks before it's a newborn... it's got a long way to go before it looks like that!

She... she's got a long way to go before she looks like a newborn.

At any rate, here's a profile of little Skeletor.  She's got her hand on her head, and you can even see her tiny little ribs!

And we have no idea what to name her, so she's earned the name Skeletor, or Skeltie for now.  We never could decide on 'peanut' or 'baby bean' before as a nickname, but now we have one!  Hopefully we'll come up with a real name before she's born.  ;)  Not sure if the hospital will go for Skeletor on the birth certificate.

Here's a closer up shot of her face.  She's facing down & to the left in this one.  I know it's because I'm the mother, but I swear she's smiling in this one!  I'm not even sure if she has the reflexes to smile yet, but it's a pleasant thought to have!

At every ultrasound so far, she's been really chilled out, moving around a bit, but not dancing or anything.  She's also loved hanging out upside down.  In the pictures above, they actually flipped the image so she is right side up.

I love this part about modern technology-- that we can see her now-- know that she's a girl and be able to prepare accordingly.  It's such a blessing!


Cara said...

Love it Susan! I am so terribly excited that you are having a GRIL!

The second trimester is now the time you have to watch out for stangers who want to touch you all the time...it's weird and creepy but that somehow does not keep people from touching your baby bump. You'll have to work on some karate chops.

The pictures are amazing. The name is a toughie. Skeletor is fun, maybe Sheera for long term use? hahaha Happy planning!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! So exciting. You look sooo cute. I can't wait to take your photos! I have so many ideas rolling around. yay for girls.

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