26 August 2011

There's a storm a brewin'!

So hurricane Irene.  If you haven't heard, then I'd like to know how you managed to be on the internet & not hear.  Are you living in China or Korea?  Perhaps England?

Irene is a large hurricane heading straight for just about every shoreline from NC on up.  Quite an impressive little lady.

This is our first real hurricane preparation.  I remember 2 hurricanes that actually affected me before.  One, we lost power for about a week or so, and a tree smashed our fort, yet miraculously, none hit our house.  Quite miraculous, considering we were completely surrounded by trees, but they all fell uphill or downhill-- away from the house!  That was 1995.

The second hurricane to affect us in the North Carolina mountains was Francis back in 2004.  Caused a 100 year flood and then some in the mountains.  We'd really never seen anything like it-- except for a few really old people (not kidding) who were alive for the last 100 year flood.  All of them were over 100, of course & it was wild to hear their stories.  It was also wild to go clean out houses that were totally caked in mud.  Definitely something I'd never experienced before, but I also loved seeing a neighbor who missed the flood by a few yards grilling out and providing food for the whole neighborhood & the workers.  Some helped with clean up-- others helped with food-- and everyone worked together to overcome it.

I'd never even heard of a 100 year flood before that!

So tell me... what are your hurricane stories?

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