15 August 2011

"What kind of bug is that?"

The other night my mom noticed our cat looking pawing at the sliding glass door.

Mom: "Aww... how cute-- she's trying to get to that bug out there!  What kind of bug is that, Susan?"

I look over & shake my head.

Me: "That's a roach... and it's sitting right beside our can of roach spray."

Sorry it's dark-- that black blob to the right of the can of roach spray is a roach!
For one, this proves how awesome the mountains of western North Carolina are-- that she doesn't even recognize a roach anymore.

And the second thing is... I live on the 2nd floor... and didn't realize roaches crawl up to such great heights.

I'm not outdoorsy.  I don't like camping.  Seeing too many bugs makes me itch non-stop.  They need to get away from my house!

1 comment:

Rob said...

That is pretty funny that it's by a can of roach spray.

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