02 August 2011

15 weeks.

15 weeks and morning sickness is starting to lose some steam!  This week our little one is about the size of an orange.  Or an apple.  You get the idea!  Remember when it was just the size of an appleseed?  Goodness- no wonder I've been so sick!

We were in the produce area the other day & I told Josh about it being the size of an orange.  He looked at me & looked at the orange & said (to my belly) "Where are you hiding in there?"  Since then, my belly has started to kind of pop a little more.  Nothing a stranger would notice, but if you're looking for it, you'll see it.

I see it.  Every morning when I wake up I put my hand on my stomach & it's so weird how it just pokes out & is always there!

This week we're forming taste buds, s/he can sense light, and his/her lungs are beginning to develop!  I am also nearly giddy to announce that I've gained exactly 5 lbs-- right on track for the 'recommended' amount!

Josh & I have talked more & more about names this week, too!  The more we talk about it, the less decided I am on any name!  I have a feeling we may announce a name after we find out the gender, but I wouldn't get anything embroidered until it's on the birth certificate!

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