30 August 2011

Healthy at 19 weeks!

Say what?  19 weeks?  We're almost halfway there!  Little one is about the size of a mango-- 6 inches long, and around 8.5 ounces.  She can hear, which is cool, and her hair is starting to grow.

I'm assuming that means if she's going to have hair when she's born.  I hope so!

We had our anatomy scan yesterday.  It's an ultrasound where they check all sorts of measurements to make sure baby is on track with her growth-- and she is!  We also met with a genetic counselor to discuss a few family genetics that our doctor was concerned about.  The genetic counselor was great and asked us a ton of questions, and then gave us great explanations about what everything meant!  We also got test results back from a blood test we did a few weeks ago.  Our little girl has extremely low risk of most all birth defects, which was great news!

We do have roughly a 50% risk that any of our children will have pyloric stenosis.  We were aware of it before-- Josh had it as a baby-- and it can be corrected with surgery.  Is it ideal?  No.  But there's also a 50% chance that she doesn't have it.  And if she does, we'll know what to look for, and know that there is a solution (surgery) that will allow her to live a completely full & happy life.  For that, I am extremely thankful!

I know I joke around about our sweet baby a lot, but I really am so thankful to have her.  I know too many women who have gone to this very same appointment and left with broken hearts.  You ladies know who you are, and I thought of you (as well as Whitney, Lucy, and Kyah) today.  :)  Much love to each of you.

As a final note, morning sickness is nearly gone!  Oh how glorious the days are now that I'm not nauseous every single minute!  The weather is starting to cool down, too!  I think it's just a dirty trick mother nature is playing, and it'll turn scorching hot later, but I'll take what I can get!

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19 weeks already?? Eeeekk!

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