31 August 2011

'Cause we're two cool kids like that.

Yesterday morning I decided I would go to the gym at some point in the day.  So before I headed out to work I packed a gym bag & set out on my merry way.

6pm rolls around and I tell Josh to meet me at the gym around 7pm.

I get to the gym, change, and head towards the treadmill, which is pretty much the only piece of cardio equipment that I can do while keeping my heart rate at or below 140 (doctor's rule).

And right when I walk out of the locker room, I round the corner to see my dear sweet husband wearing the exact same outfit.

It's not like we were wearing white shirts and black pants to the gym.  Oh no... we had to go all out in our thinking alike.  We had to pick the most stand-out shirts we own and wear them together!

Please excuse our faces in this pic... we just got back from the gym!
So yes, in case anyone at the gym was wondering tonight, we love our church!  We no doubt looked like lunatics that tried to hard, and were probably the topic of some dinner table discussions tonight.

"How was your day, honey?"

"Well, work was fine.  I saw these two crazy people at the gym tonight wearing matching t-shirts that said, 'I <3 My Church.'"

"They were wearing what??"

Yeah, that's right... never underestimate the power of the Fowler's.  This is also the most comfy t-shirt I own.  And I do, in fact, love my church.


Stephanie said...

I burst out laughing at the picture. I think it's great that you love your church, and on its own, your t-shirt is really cute! But I have to admit that if I saw you and your husband in matching church-love T-shirts, I'd wonder if you were going to give me a flyer.

Rob said...

Are those shirts from Newspring?

fowler said...

@Stephanie- I would have thought the same thing!
@Rob- yes

foolery said...

Kind of a "we're just so gosh-darned happy to be here!" moment, huh? Oh well. Just don't do it regularly and you'll be fine! (And I don't see anything wrong with your post-gym faces, either.)

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