01 September 2011

Revisit 2005 with Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise!

Can we revisit something for a moment?  Remember when Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise started dating?

I do.

Many I wondered what on earth was going on... was it just a publicity stunt?  Surely it was a publicity stunt...

And now, 6 years later, they're still together.

And we were all waiting for an announcement that she was off her rocker & going into rehab or something.

On a side note... Katie supposedly used to have posters of Tom hanging on her wall, dreaming of marrying him someday.  Talk about making your dreams come true!

Did you have posters on your wall growing up?  Who were they of?  Who was your celebrity crush growing up?

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

I had a crush on Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block when I was a kid. Some dreams are better off unfulfilled. Ha!

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