01 July 2011

Wise cheez Waffies

When I was a kid I was always a rule follower.  I'm a rule follower.  So as a kid, when my dad grabbed a bag of these off the shelf of the grocery store and started chomping down, my eyes got as big as saucers, I'm sure.  I remember thinking Is my dad stealing?!?!  That's about the time he saw me & said, "Relax, they can still ring up the empty bag at the checkout."

My, wasn't that a different time?  I mean, I guess you could technically still do it now, but not without getting some serious dirty looks.

I think that's the day when I learned to think past the present.  To think beyond just the here & now to see what may happen next.  And boy, do I ever do that now!  I'm constantly trying to think 5 steps ahead of the next person.  Not that I'm always able to, but I certainly try.

I hate to get all serious here, but it's amazing how many learning moments our kids have when we don't even realize it.  I mean, do you think my dad remembers eating 'cheez waffies' 20 years ago?  Probably not... but I remember him doing it.

I also remember the day he shaved his mustache, but I guess that's another story for another day!

And for the record, I probably ate a 'cheez Waffie' that day, but I've never eaten one since.  They do make me think of my dad every time I see one in the grocery store, though!

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