30 June 2011

The babes are growing up!

This past weekend was my brother's wedding reception.  They'd had a small ceremony back in October, but wanted to have a reception to celebrate in June.  It was so great to see my sweet nieces again & see how much they've grown!

Rylie is all about making some faces...

Rylie & her grandmother (my mom)
And check out Sunaura!  She loves purses & putting things in them & then taking things out of them.  Since we're going to miss her 2nd birthday coming up in July, I went ahead & gave her her gift-- this purse with bracelets & sunglasses.  And she's finally getting some hair!  Hard to see it in this pic, but it's there, and it's some sort of mixture between brown, blonde, & red.  Really pretty!

And someone still enjoys posing for the camera...  kind of looks like the Olsen twins when they were little!

And sometimes a wedding reception can get kind of boring for 2 pre-teens, but they seemed to keep themselves entertained!  I think there is a "ball & chain" joke in there somewhere...

My dad teaching a little one how to play banjo-- so sweet! 

Sunaura blowing sweet kisses!

I love my family for so many reasons, and when we get together, we kick back & have a ton of fun!

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