26 July 2011

14 weeks & thumb sucking.

Sometimes it feels like time is flying by, and other times, it feels like things are at a standstill.  However, morning sickness is lessening a little bit more each day.  I'll take it!

And this week, some little someone is possibly learning to suck his/her thumb.  Since it's my kid, I'm going to go ahead and bet that it is most definitely sucking its thumb!  I was a notorious thumb sucker.  I remember in kindergarten thinking, I'm going to have to stop this before I get married... what will my husband think?  And so that's how I finally stopped sucking my thumb.  Always thinking ahead, I tell ya!

*And for the record, I never had braces and have nearly perfectly straight teeth.*

That's me, sucking on my thumb & wearing my rockin' shoes on the wrong feet.  What's funny is I definitely didn't know how to tie my shoes, so someone tied them for me... on the wrong feet.

Another cool fact about that picture?  It's in the house that Josh & I had when we first got married... and that refrigerator is the same one that we used!  And the flooring was the same... and the front door & screen door were the same...  you get the idea!

But back to baby Fowler... sucking his/her thumb this week & about the size of a lemon.  S/he is also becoming more proportionate with his/her body catching up to the head and the limbs lengthening out as well.  It's also now covered in that downy fine hair, so if you'd like to make some jokes, this is the week you can officially begin that.  ;)  You know who you are!


Rob said...

So has your kid already lost it's tail? I don't remember at what stage that happens. It freaked me out that we used to have tails.

fowler said...

I can't remember exactly when the tail goes away, but yeah, it's long gone!

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