25 July 2011

To all my friends without kids.

I've learned a few pathetic things over the past several months of being pregnant.  Things I always wanted to ask, but have enough tact not to.  I'd like to share these because really, I would have loved to know the answer, but never would have actually asked!

Why do pregnant women not dress up all cute?  Show off that bump-- it's adorable!

I've seen it happen a lot.  A woman dresses all cute, and then once she announces she's pregnant, begins to live in t-shirts & yoga pants.  With stains on them.  Dressing up cute takes both time & effort.  You have to have maternity clothes, first of all.  Oh yeah, and you actually have to care.  Maybe later in pregnancy this will change (I sure hope so!) but right now, if I'm dressed up, that means I'm heading into work. And although the bump may look cute to you, it just looks like fat to me, so the first shirt that I put on that fits is going to be what I wear that day.

Where are the bump pictures?

From the day a woman announced she was pregnant, I'd start stalking her Facebook for bump pictures.  I was obsessed with seeing their bellies grow to a crazy normal size, comparing each picture to the last to see how much they'd grown.  It amazed me!  But wow, now I get it.  Now I see why they didn't all post pictures as their bump grew.  For me, I have want to look decent in a picture, so it has to be taken on a day that I care (aka: work).  Also, I have to get my husband to take the picture because it's easier that way.  That means that he also has to be in the mood to do it.  Then we have the whole issue mentioned above where it just looks like fat to me.  And if you're being honest with yourself, it just kind of looks like fat to you, too.  I have some friends that have posted bump pictures all along & I totally admire them for it.  I have just learned that it's not me.  And judging by the vast amount of pregnant ladies that don't post a picture until they are nearly due, I'm not alone.

What else have I missed?  Any burning questions?  Ladies who have been there, any questions you used to have that you'd like to answer for everyone?

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Nate & Danielle said...

HAHA! I completely agree with you about bump pictures, however...I'm totally doing it. I want to see how it grows, even if it is just mostly bloat right now :) ... And I don't know about you, but I've gone crazy maternity clothes shopping this past week!!

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