05 July 2011

11 weeks.

Finally, I feel like our little one is a size worth talking about!  We're up to lime status now.  :)
Hello baby lime!  This week has been uneventful, thank goodness!  My stomach is growing, for sure.  While I can still technically fit into my regular clothes, they are awfully uncomfortable.  I took advice from others & went ahead & got maternity clothes-- wow-- they are soooo much more comfortable!

Slight relief from morning all day sickness comes every now and then, which will hopefully go away here in the next week or so!

As for the babe, it's growing & kicking in there, although I can't feel it yet.  It also may start hiccuping since it's diaphragm is forming!  Again, I won't be able to feel this for awhile, either.  Some bones are starting to harden & he/she is just about fully formed!

Since I still have an amazing lack of energy & Josh has had terrible back pain flare up in the past week, our poor cat doesn't know what to think about it all, since we rest in the bed every chance we get.  We told her she needs to start earning her keep around here--- perhaps cleaning up a little?  But I don't think she's going to go for it.

Google images for 'lime' brought up this image, and I thought it fitting for poor kitty learning this new lifestyle.

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Rob said...

Exciting stuff. Enjoy the journey.

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