29 June 2011

A picture worth 1,000 words.

When doing event photography, it's always like Christmas looking through the images afterwards.  With portrait sessions I generally have an idea of what the finished product will look like, but at events, you never know what is going to happen!
That's why when I was scanning through images from my brother's wedding reception, this one totally caught my eye.

For one, my brother has some sort of weird aversion to cameras.  It's like when a camera comes within 50 ft of him, his face looks funny & not at all like himself.  But in this one?  He looks totally like himself.  I also love the busyness of the image & the lighting.  It really describes the moment & feeling of the evening.

Wait... I should explain... I have 3 brothers... this isn't the one who just got married.  And the little girl in his arms, as well as the blondie behind him are his daughters.

**Edited again to add: NOT the blondie on banjo-- that's his dad.  Our dad.  The blondie in the gray shirt... whew... this is getting complicated.**

At any rate, I love this picture because not only does he look just like himself, but he's smiling a genuine smile.  And his precious baby girl-- she'll turn 2 in a few weeks, but is still small for her age.  But oh, she's such a fighter!  And so intellectual... I'm kind of scared what she'll say when she starts talking!

Just as a reference point, this is a picture taken of them last year by Blue Frame Photography when we had our large family picture made!  If you're in WNC looking for a great photographer, I definitely recommend them!

Photo Credit: Blue Frame Photography

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Rob said...

The baby looks like she is blowing the camera a kiss. Great pic.

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