07 June 2011


I know Instagram is all the rage, but it drives me nuts.  It probably has something to do with the photographer in me and something to do with my OCD side, but I just can't stand it.

My husband, however, loves it.

Remember my gorgeous pictures of our kitty the other day?

I don't think she likes the app either!  I mean, just look at her face!

It's either that or she was mad because he stopped petting her for a second to take a picture...

My husband (and everyone else on the planet, I'm sure) love that you can take an ordinary image and quickly put a different spin on it right on your phone.  But to me?  I think it takes a perfectly good image & makes odd areas blurry & washes out faces making it look like my grandpa took the picture back in the 60's.

But, you know... that's just my opinion.  Clearly a lot of others feel differently- it had over a million downloads within 2 months of being released!

What's your take?  Do you like the app, or have a fervent hate for it?  Is there an app you like better?


Rob said...

I hadn't heard of it until this post. I clicked on the link. I wonder if they have something like it for the Droid?

Sophia the Writer said...

There's not a single photo I put up on my blog w/o instagram. lol

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