06 June 2011

Not a Clue: Movie Edition

Here's a random tidbit about me: There are very few actors that I recognize, can tell you their name, and at least two movies they have been in.

Very few.

Like.  Angelina Jolie- The Tourist &..... Mr. & Mrs. Smith &......  ummm.... Tomb Raider?

Mel Gibson- What Women Want.... ummm.......

Tom Cruise- ................  (not kidding- have I even seen him in a movie?)

But yesterday I realized just how addicted I am to a certain tv show. My dad was flipping through TV channels & landed on CMT where "Beer for my Horses" was on-- I'm thinking it's a made-for-tv movie filled with as many country stars as possible.

Then I heard his voice.

"Whitey Durham!"  [Whitey is the basketball coach on 'One Tree Hill' - his real life name is Barry Corbin]

Sure enough, Wikipedia confirmed it was definitely him.

So while I may not know any Tom Cruise movies off the top of my head, I can definitely recognize Whitey's voice.

What about you... are you a movie buff that can name every movie & actor known to man?  Or are you like me & can't name any of them... or somewhere in between?


Rob said...

Buff as in movie buff.

shannon*bear said...

Buff... but with the movies I know and love. Maybe I'm a selective buff?

Shawntae said...

I know them all! But I also know Whitey! Woohoo to OTH coming back for another season!:) Too bad Whitey, Lucas, and Peyton are all gone.

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