14 June 2011

8 weeks.

Good news!  Our little one is looking less like a reptile and more like a baby these days!  It's about the size of a large raspberry now & has thin little eyelids & hands & feet that are a little less webby than last week.

According to BabyZone.com I may feel my clothes getting a little snug.  No joke!  No one else would be able to notice a change, but my pants are definitely getting tighter.  Shirts are snugger on me, too, leading me to buy a few new ones last week.  That awkward time is starting to begin.  Fat or pregnant?  I hear most women don't start to show until really late in their first pregnancy... this could be a long several months!

Zofran is my new best friend for morning sickness.  It allows me to do cool things like get out of bed in the morning & take a shower & stuff.  Lofty goals, I know.

But most importantly, our first ultrasound is this Friday!  (Yes, ladies, I 'know')

1 comment:

Shawntae said...

Congratulations! He or she will be a beautiful new subject to photograph.;)

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